Where does goldfish live

where does goldfish live

They can perceive the same colours we do, which not even all primates can do, making them an ideal study animal. Juvenile goldfish are even.
Goldfish are originally from China and possibly nearby countries including Korea and Japan, according to Pawnation. However, because they are widespread.
I have 2 common goldfish. They're in a bowl with no filter and fed TetraFin Flakes. (I change the bowl everyday.) Would they live short lives?. Goldfish Lifespan or Expectancy of Life in Years? Goldfish can live long lives with proper care. About The Goldfish Tank. You might think you know your pet goldfish, but its origins and biology are stranger than you ever guessed. Very rarely does a goldfish harm another goldfish, nor do the males harm the females during breeding. In the wild, such fish stood out and were gobbled up quickly by predators. where does goldfish live