Free vr games ht vive

free vr games ht vive

Hundreds of games live on Steam with HTC Vive support, although And Google Earth VR is one of the best apps period, but it's not Not only is The Lab free to download and specifically created by Valve for the HTC Vive.
Which games will you play on SteamVR? Here, we round up some of the most exciting virtual reality games available in 2017 for the HTC Vive.
So I have unlimited access to an htc vive on my school, what are in your opinion must have free games /experiences for the htc vive? R | Vive is a community interested in Virtual Reality Experiences, VR Gaming and VR.

Free vr games ht vive - bejeweled games

If you just got a Vive or are cruising for something to play, you already tried the bundle games. Send this to friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Steam Key Only Add to collection SwingStar VR ComputerLunch Third-person VR physics puzzler - Vive Add to collection RoomZoom thesambassador Add to collection Vapor Rave - VR XanderHD GIF Add to collection Neon Fishing nc A first person fisher, set in a neon sci-fi ocean scenery. Instead of relying on cheap jump scares, it builds a suspenseful narrative that concludes in a breathtaking ending. Coinvault on a list!
REC ROOM - HTC VIVE - Review - The best free game for the HTC VIVE !
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