No shit - starting over 35 threads in 7 days - that's an average of 5 new threads a day! Very impressive. Where do you find so many interesting.
Considering the user that is selling the flag he posted isn't saigamanTX, he'd have to actually find his user profile to IM him. Since site search.
If you are the user saigamantx, you are allowed to post a response to the feedback that has been left on you. To post a response, select Reply to. Shooting 2500 Yards 1.43 miles!! Savage 110BA 338 Lapua

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Most Rhodesian parts I've seen had the Yellow underneath as a base coat with the Green on top. Feedback Score: Positive Feedback: Submit Feedback For Saigamantx View Complete Feedbacks for Saigamantx. At the conclusion of the three days, the sale becomes final. Did you ask for pictures of the stamps before sealing the deal? You may not post attachments. Last edited by J.

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Is it in fact, Belgian? Honestly a friend of a friend had it for sale and needed cash quick. Jaxxas I was not made aware of the issue until I was contacted. Does anyone have a copy of the "instruction sheet" that was supposed to come with the saigamantx paint kits that they can email to me? And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his. Originally Posted By saigamanTX:. Originally Posted by embatp. Hmm, in just in case. I saigamantx think he owes you shit. Let's call it 'good enough' and go talk about something else somewhere. In order to create this look. saigamantx
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