Fun car games to play on a computer

fun car games to play on a computer

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Play an amazing collection of free car games at, the best source for free A fun mini racing game in which you race upgradable toy cars on a desk, bathroom floor Race against the computer's best racers and reach first place.
Here you'll find reviews of fun car games recommended by the auto facts website If I'm going to race a computer generated competitor it better be a well thought Game play includes a full career mode with upgrades that affect the vehicle's. fun car games to play on a computer

Fun car games to play on a computer - download european

Pedal to the metal as you avoid semi trucks and slow moving traffic in this fast paced taxi racer. Because of the high speed, it is really hard to see when to start turning and you may end up turning too early or too late and missing the turns a lot. Get behind the wheel of a neon machine and glow your way through epic levels filled with challenges, quests and upgrades. Can you bust out and not get caught? I hope you can make it! Grab your go juice and scream through never ending levels of fast, furious firetruck racing! Top 10 Racing Games

Fun car games to play on a computer - buses from

London Bus Have you ever dreamed of being a London busdriver? The wheels are a little stiff so try not... Do you think you can handle and drive powerful cars like Chevrolet, Porsche, Mustang and Bugatti? However, if you pass the checkpoint, you start from there instead of the very beginning. That rival gang in the car pit... Choose from a wheelchair, a ten speed, or a scooter then race your way through zombie filled, Satan-ruled, bloody puzzling levels!
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