Foxing rory tabs

foxing rory tabs

Pent Up in a Blind · Rory guitar. C#m. A. E. E2 · Bit by a Dead Bee, Part 1 · Bit by a Dead Bee, Part 2 · Den Motherguitar · Calm Before · Quitus. Others.
alphabetically. New and popular versions of Foxing easy to print and share. Foxing chords, tabs, tablatures, lyrics. Artists: A B C D E F G H Rory Chords.
The repeated high note is a G# / [Intro] / C#m A E - E2 - E / [Verse 1] / C#m I wrote you a letter A Asked your best friend to send it E E2 E But took. Rory - Foxing (cover) foxing rory tabs
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