The best strategy games for android 2015

the best strategy games for android 2015

Here are the Top 10 Best Android Strategy Games 2015 (Paid) for Android . You will enjoy all of these games.
Our list of best Android games from the Google Play Store in Check out our list of our favorite action, fighting, strategy and puzzle games. ‎ Best free Android games of 2016 · ‎ Best offline Android games.
We've been through a number of quality strategy -minded mobile games for the month of May 2015. Through our marathon run of great Android.

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Whether it's MOBAs, FPS, or MMOs, these guys know how to refine a product to create a winning formula. You are commenting using your account. Vainglory is the complete package, featuring all the frantic MOBA action fans of the genre have come to expect — jump into a quick match with random teammates and opponents, create your own party of friends and take on all comers, or chill offline and practice your strategies against bots. Inspired by the Dyson Tree Theory which hypothesizes the ability of genetically modified plants to grow on asteroids, Eufloria is an ambient real-time strategy game that begins on a comet with your very own Dyson Tree. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Play the wrong card at the wrong time and it might be game over, so be smart, and patient. Another game that will give your emotions a good going-over, this is a war game played from the perspective of civilians in a city under siege. Players gently guide a disease from a modest cough to a deadly worldwide pandemic by evolving it with new symptoms, means of transmission, and resistances. Battles rage between ships with different mini-games for each weapon system, or against boarding parties, where you the best strategy games for android 2015 to move crew members into position, put out fires, and make sure your people don't get sucked out into the cold void of space when there's a hull breach. This article may contain links to online retail stores. The shooting gameplay is simple, colorful download aura kingdom for free kinetic and there are seemingly endless buttons to press in the menus, lending it a nice arcade vibe. DomiNations will give Clash of Clans something deeper and it some cases more fun to sink their teeth .

The best strategy games for android 2015 - official

That should let you know how great of mobile strategy game one of our picks is. Be the one to tell your friends what's worth playing right now by checking the article at the link below. It's cool that older articles are updated over time, but it would be nice to see a simple "track changes" type presentation, with new additions in a different font color or something. Pixel vs Nexus UI comparison: are there any major differences? Hi, For tower defense I invite you to try Stronghold. Put together your best plans and go into these titles as a natural, victory-fed leader. Best new Android games to download in February. the best strategy games for android 2015