Royal betta fish

royal betta fish

dt double- tail. Above: DT Steel Blue Male. Heart Tails, Fuse Tails and. Triple Tails are all due to the dt allele. Multi-DTs. This fish.
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royal betta fish

Royal betta fish - offline

CAMBODIAN: Cambodian Betta's come in three different shades: Red, blue and green. Steel Blue results from the allele combination blbl. Two or more live betta fish in one tank will become aggressive and combat each other — often to the death — to determine which betta is the alpha. Their colours truly shine in bright light or sunshine. Add more to compare. You'll need a filter to help maintain the tank's cleanness and the betta's health. Super Black Betta by Matt Thomas. It's best to keep the male and female in separate tanks, except for brief periods of time for mating. As for Sushi, I wouldn't say anything is wrong with. So he is definitely some sort of bicolor, but I'm not sure if he'd be considered Cambodian or not, because of his purple body. Hello, Thanks for the feedback. While they can also doubledown free successfully in community tanks, a male should never be placed in an aquarium with another betta male or femaleas it will reawaken that old fighting spirit. Whites of royal betta fish type have black eyes.
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