Mega jackpot weed strain

mega jackpot weed strain

“Got this at Marijuana Mart in Rochester, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog - -- Strain: Mega Jackpot Brand: Doc.
Jackpot, also known as “ Mega Jackpot ” among most medical cannabis users, is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid (65% indica) strain created through.
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We do not claim to be knowledgeable in cannabis legislation universally. Notify Me When Mega Jackpot Becomes Available At A Dispensary Near Me. Check out our legislative updates on State of the Leaf. Tell us more about your experience. Also, cookies assist us to alert users when their account is accessed or hacked..

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Non-Marijuana Plants that Contain Cannabinoids. White Widow XTRM auto-fem Bianca. Positive Effects Cerebral ,. Grow difficulty rated moderate. Legal Disclaimer: Buying Mega JackPot feminized seeds from AMS is legal in most countries with few restrictions. Grape and Vanilla flavors will help boost creativity and happiness when patients enjoy its cerebral effects. It is a mix between Big Bud and Jack Herrer aka Light of Jah. Enter your email address below to receive exclusive. What do you think about this strain? Mega JackPot is one potent smoke. Cookies Are used to assist service safe and secure for our users. View top dispensaries in.