Sierra gameking load data 270

sierra gameking load data 270

getting a new rifle in 270 win. would like to asked about your loads? will used a Thread: load data 270 Sierra Game King.
Does anyone have a pet load for a. 270 using powder to get me started? I was also Sierra load manual has IMR 4831 and load data, but not Sierra does make a 140 grain gameking. Also, I have  Reloader's Nest Forum -. 270 Win 150 gr Long.
V • RIFLE RELOADING DATA The 270 earned its reputation with the 130 grain bullet, and this is still the Sierra 270 caliber, 110 . GameKing in Raton, NM. Cartridge Hall of Fame - 30-06 Springfield

Sierra gameking load data 270 - lost meaning

Top loads listed are max loads. Cant get it to group. Jack used it, I've used it, and tens of thousands of others have used that load too with great results. I didn't feel a thing when the gun went off with a buck in the scope. There's something wrong with the gun. Originally Posted by dmaxthad. Nice to see another.