Probability of rolling a 6 5 times

probability of rolling a 6 5 times

First, we know that the odds of rolling a six with one die are 1 in six. realize that when you roll the second die, you will only have rolled a 6 on the first one out of six times. There is a 5 / 6 probability that the first roll is not a 6. Binomial and Geometric Probability Distributions.
Seems like you are trying to solve this by intuition alone Let me take a case of just 2 rolls, What is the probability of getting the number 3 at least 5 times if I roll a regular dice 10 times? A fair six -sided die is rolled 20 times. What is the.
The first table gives the probability of rolling a specific number; the second table 5, 1/ 6 4/36 6 /216.

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For the benefit of other readers, a Yahtzee is a five of a kind with five dice. I know, pretty obvious. This will be true for any number of dice rolled, not just two. Just a question about an Oriental dice game, where the players are supposed to guess which side of the die shows up. LET US FIND YOU A TUTOR. Thank you for your time. What is the probability of getting any given number more than once if you roll a die ten times? The player may re-roll previously held dice, if he wishes. First put on a row six ones surrounded by five zeros on either side, as follows:. Here are all the possible outcomes. I'm guessing Hurkyl's method would agree? Can you calculate what the probability is of two numbers coming up behind each other in a roll of the dice?

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You should not state the probability that the throws were non-random is p. I know, pretty obvious. The higher total shall win. Any ideas on generalizing this for an n-sided die? For this reason, he must have at least two armies to attack, so if he wins one can inhabit the conquered territory and one can stay behind. Detailed answers to any questions you might have. Has any casino ever had a game that used non-traditional six sided dice? probability of rolling a 6 5 times