Werewolf or vampire skyrim

werewolf or vampire skyrim

So to sum that up, being a werewolf is totally awesome for 2.5 But if you're a vampire, it has cons, but it mostly puts icing on the cake. Werewolf vs Vampire Lord. or Balanced vs Unbalanced.
I'm running three characters right now, a Nord/ werewolf tank TIL in Skyrim, Khajiit on horseback rest their tail on the side of the horse.
right now, i am debating on whether i should choose to become a werewolf or a vampire. as of now, i'm leaning toward werewolf, but if.

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Totem of Brotherhood allows for massive damage. Not having fast travel will probably annoy the crap out of me Eh, I haven't actually read about... Who Is Currently Playing Skyrim? I'm not sure if this'll work but then during the day u turn werewolf and stay werewolf by eating people till its night! I expected this to happen.

Werewolf or vampire skyrim -

Gloves i'm using the DBH gloves for backstabs and helmet i haven't found one for vampires so i've stuck with the maskless DBH cowl. I wish I could become a wearbear in Skyrim. People will not attack you on sight at all if u don't feed. Call of Duty: Black Ops... We're really sorry for the hassle. It is also easy to question whether or not it lives up to the werewolf or vampire skyrim Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion. If you're a hybrid like me i think it's fine. The problem i encountered werewolf or vampire skyrim the vampire lord form was that you had to use the rings and amulets to augment the vampire lords power, this was not an option because i chose to side with the dawnguard, because they are the more rewarding of the two sides. I was just stating my opinion. Even though they do have more weaknesses, that builds character in my opinion, being OP can be a little bland after a while in a game. Perhaps, for my Dark Elf opensourcemid.org that's it. As a vampire it just seems like to much work for dragon fireworks factory price much as you have to gain from it and i really don't see how the perks of a vamp are better than the werewolfs. werewolf or vampire skyrim
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