Triple attack rogue build

triple attack rogue build

Then add some agi gears and have fun using 180+ aspd using agi/str/dex build with triple attack +double attack while stealing but remember.
See Rogue Job Change Guide for detailed information. Stats-wise, high STR and high AGI will guarantee swift and powerful attacks.
There's no point in using anything else no matter how you build your character.) Rogue Stun Strike - weak. Posion Strike - decent. I use triple strike because of better . For the Shadowstalker, Attack is mostly the go to stat. triple attack rogue build Marc Aliment Def Unfrozen Never be Frozen. Or get some unslotted Buckler from NPC. So plse help me and yea. Crediting me is entirely optional. Ragnarok Online Estland :: Community.
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