Sic boards

sic boards

Big Winds sold over 2 dozen SIC V2s in making it our best seller. The Air- Glide inflatables come with a free travel paddle. The Bullets.
SIC Maui (Sandwich Islands Composites) SIC is proud to produce Looking forward to the new FX boards and what innovations SIC comes up with in the.
This season's SIC paddle board offerings are proving to be amazing. The introduction of the all-condition FX series has opened up a healthy medium between.
sic boards All prices are in CAD. The outline's wide point has been shifted forward. Carbon Boards are heat sensitive DO NOT allow boards to spend prolonged periods in the heat. Does not apply to international orders. SUP Paddles - WOMEN. SIC SUP Mark Raaphorst's Sic boards designs spawned from podium finishes and into production shapes for the masses to paddle.
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