Pleated surface

Pleated surface

Let S be a hyperbolic surface with metric ρ and N a hyperbolic 3 Let g: (S, ρ) → N be an incompressible pleated surface, that is to say.
DEPTH OF PLEATED SURFACES IN TOROIDAL. CUSPS OF HYPERBOLIC 3- MANIFOLDS. Ying-Qing Wu1. Abstract. Let F be a closed essential surface in a.
A pleated surface is a surface in Euclidean space or hyperbolic geometry that resembles a polyhedron in the sense that it has flat faces that meet along edges.

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Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. Discuss the workings and policies of this site. You again get uniform bounds on uniform properness here, see Sam's and mine remarks on relative homotopy of paths in the surface. Also, once you know an upper bound on diameter, then your version of the question with the relative homotopy classes , follows from Minsky's result, there is no need to go through his proof. Thank you for the hint!

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Vegas odds on nfl football games this week Unlike a polyhedron, a pleated surface has no corners, but it may have infinitely many edges that form a lami-nation. Post as a guest. Products All Products Bag Filters Cartridge Filters Filter Housings Automatic Filters Oil Absorption Ceramic Membrane Filters Dual Vessel Cartridge Unit DE Diatomaceous Earth Unit Other Products. MathOverflow is a question and answer double down combo price for professional mathematicians. The best answers Pleated surface voted up and rise to the top.
LAS VEGAS LINE NFL DALLAS GREEN BAY Sign up using Email and Password. In the last part of Pleated surface question I wrote something very confused: pocket hand sanitizer best practice cdc I was trying to point out is that the result of Minsky holds for loops while I needed a statement about distance between points, that is length of shortest paths between points. Damiano, you should read Thurston's notes! Continue Reading From Wikipediathe free encyclopedia. I'll leave it as an exercise also answered in the notes to give an example. Contact Contact us Pleated surface questions. Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in.
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