What is media deck at soldier field

what is media deck at soldier field

Now i've read, that the media deck section features overhead heater Does anyone have experience with that section? how much of a.
Soldier Field Section 235 Seat View | Media Deck. Find out exactly what the view from your seat will look like in Section 235 at Soldier Field seat views.
Soldier Field Section 239 view. Section 239. Soldier Field Section 240 view. Section 240. Soldier Field Section 242 view. Section 242. Soldier Field Section. what is media deck at soldier field

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Have a response on your own site?.. For the single ticket buyer, there are cash lots available in the downtown area and the other side of Lakeshore Drive, but directional signage to those lots are nowhere to be found. National TV announcers to your right... If anyone has any questions about Soldier Field, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact form above. I have no desire to get involved because I can just see myself sitting in a tank in the bowels of the stadium with s--t-faced imbeciles for whom this is the highlight of their lives, and I did not pay for that experience. You're in Hog Heaven right now. 35 Things to do in Chicago
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