How to play free safety in cover 3

how to play free safety in cover 3

The short safety dropping down inside the box now plays more of a role the two defensive backs and the free safety each cover a third of the.
They play a base Cover 3 scheme, like many high school teams do. the two cornerbacks and the free safety are all playing one third of the.
2. Understanding the Cover 2 Zone Defense. 3. How to Play Strong Safety. 4 by the two cornerbacks (left and right 1/ 3), and the free safety (middle 1/ 3). 9 Best Corner Back & Safety Qualities

How to play free safety in cover 3 - las

As you can see below, Bryant doesn't do much except throwing a good block and holding his ground, but purely because of that he stops Ingram from cutting towards the outside and makes the play himself. It's a smart and easy way to disguise three-deep coverage while creating a "robber" look inside of the numbers. Support MGoBlog: buy stuff at Amazon Next time you see this you'll know what's going on In previous layman's discussions on how fancy newfangled anti-spread defenses function I've talked about how Quarters works , and how MSU used aggressive alignments with it to dominate the run game at the cost of greater risk of getting beat over the top. Based on the inside break of the TE, he should expect the RB to break outside and stay in the flat area as a release valve. Infiniti Coaches Challenge ChadTough. Support MGoBlog: buy stuff at Amazon. how to play free safety in cover 3