What does pk mean in sports odds

what does pk mean in sports odds

When you guyz post " at PK ", what does that mean? eg. i.e. if ppl had kc listed as pk, they had the line as a pick em, meaning the line on the.
For just about every college and pro sports contest, the oddsmakers in Vegas have set a line, which is the expected margin of victory for the favored team.
A pick em will be listed as “ pk ” or “pick” or “pick 'em” depending on your site. There are two basic types, What Do The Odds Mean? American Odds always use. Under the "General" tab, look for the "Temporary Royal windsor mallard duck Files" section. The spread is the difference in points between the two teams score. If Oakland won by seven points, the game would be a push. Don't listen to these responders, they are just pulling your leg because the question is asked so many times. There are some important points to mention about Parlays.

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IRON MAN 3 FREE GENVIDEOS Reason I ask this is there's a difference in the vig between the two. Matchup odds are posted after qualifying is completed. Guys that watches women's sport are nothing but pussyfied dudes, agree? What does NL mean in sports odds? Typical golf rules are listed. If you do elect to buy points roulette rules printable a parlay, all teams must win by the adjusted point spread margin. You can wager on money lines or makes futures bets.

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Having difficulties logging into your forum? I believe you answered your own question, to close to call stands for Pickem. Find latest posts by ssmann. Choose "Select all" and then press the delete key on you keyboard. If you look at any of the sports lines, which are published daily in the sports page of many major newspapers, there is one team listed as the favorite, one as the underdog, and a number between them designating the official line, or expected scoring difference. These games will have an associated bet number, a listing of the teams playing, the line, the total and the money line. Subscribe to this Thread….

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User Name Remember Me? When teams tie, the game is considered a Push and the bet is returned to the sports bettor. When a Draw Line is offered for a soccer match, and the match ends in a tie draw , wagers on either team side are a loss and the Draw Line is the winner. Choose from the following. Who is your favorite NFL player? Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. The higher the number, the larger the underdog. what does pk mean in sports odds