Fun games to play at school pep rallys

fun games to play at school pep rallys

A well-executed Pep Rally will not only boost morale but it will also grow the love for your school. Do you need some new pep rally theme or game ideas? Or, do.
Find tips and tricks for school pep rallies right here! Creating school spirit is vital to school culture!.
A good pep rally offers lots of fun, a rousing dose of school spirit and one or two good pep rally games. Cheerleaders generally plan and execute these games. fun games to play at school pep rallys
Plan to have one team per grade level to give the students a chance to cheer for their classmates. Fill pie pans with whip cream, and have a class competition to see who finishes their whip cream pie. A high energy Pep Rally is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the team spirit at your school. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Play classic rock songs. Making Life More Fun. Pep Rally Games Demo
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