Eu slot allocation

eu slot allocation

In common rules for the allocation of slots at EU were introduced in order to ensure that airlines have access to the busiest EU airports on the.
Council Regulation (EEC) No of 18 January 1993 on common rules for the allocation of slots at Community airports [see amending acts].
This note explains the airport slot allocation process at airports around the world, with particular focus on the rules at airports within the EU.

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The continuous growth in air transport in recent decades has increased pressure on the capacity available for aircraft movements. Pre-Lex - Monitoring of the Decision-making Process Between Institutions. After the exchange of NDAs between the initiating and responding airlines, the slot details and airline identities are revealed. Only slots with historic rights can be traded — in order to prevent abuse of the free primary allocation of slots by the coordinator, slots must be operated during at least one season and historic rights earned before they may be traded in the next equivalent season. Use "" for exact matches. Languages and formats available. eu slot allocation With the increase of air traffic, there is best casino slots continuously growing demand for capacity at congested airports. Slots will be distributed in an equitable, non-discriminatory and transparent way by an independent coordinator. Allocation of time slots. Deadline for transposition in the Member States. Procedure for allocation of time slots.

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Only slots in the future can be exchanged — slots can be exchanged for the next season after the initial allocation of slots and for the remainder of the current season. The coordinator undertakes his role in an independent, transparent and non-discriminatory way. EU countries shall ensure that effective, proportionate and dissuasive sanctions are available to deal with this type of situations. Languages and formats available. The ground rules for slot trading have evolved from the general principles of slot allocation contained within the EU Slot Regulation and the IATA Worldwide Slot Guidelines.
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