Elevator magic online book

elevator magic online book

When the elevator goes down, the subtraction starts and so does the magic. Ben sees crazy things everytime the door opens. Ride along as he subtracts his way.
I use this book to show vertical subtraction and addition problems to my students. copy of Elevator Magic, please leave a comment and an email address. Otherwise, you could get it at a bookstore or online somewhere.
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I think this book would be a great way to introduce students to subtraction while using a real-life example most students have experienced, an elevator. I became especially interested in educational publishing and have worked on the development of over a dozen major textbook programs, championing visual learning strategies from Pre-K through high school in every major curriculum area. He has a vivid imagination. We enjoyed reading this book. I enjoy the way this book incorporates the physical movement of going down on an elevator in relation to subtraction. Students can call out the answers when the teacher gets to the "Which one elevator magic online book i extremely hot feet when sleeping Adults can use the creative suggestions for activities in the back of each book to extend learning opportunities with children. Andy Gross "SplitMan" Returns / Magician Cut in Half Elevator magic trick prank
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