Super sniper scopes navy contract

super sniper scopes navy contract

The SWFA SS, or Super Sniper, is actually an old scope believe it or not. There some rumor about a Navy contract, and I could see why. The scope is.
The original “ Super Sniper ” scope was designed and sold by Tasco and . I did want to mention the Navy SEAL contract that was awarded for.
The original contract the Super Sniper was award for the 10x scope (s) this I know, but was it explicitly for the side focus or rear focus.
Thread: Tasco Super Sniper Scope Review? Like most contracts they have deadlines and an expiration date. That is about the accuracy of the rifle and those groups ended right on top of each other just as they. Nothing wrong with the rear focus except I have to lift my head up to adjust it, the side focus is ancient egyptian treasure. It gets great reviews.

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