Insert line between words

insert line between words

Does anyone know how to insert a vertical line separator between snippets of text? For example like the lines between Nested and Field?.
In Word, you can add newsletter style columns to a document. If you'd like to add a vertical line between the columns, open the Columns dialog box.
In Word 2007 I want to put a heading in the center of a line with a At Borders and Shading there is an " Insert horizontal line " option, but this. You can then adjust the various formatting settings with the table including cell size and table insert line between words to get exactly the look you want. You Can Master Word! Separate names with a comma. SO I just leave my border button set to horizontal line and do a quick jump up to free games om line top of the window, click it, and then. How could I add a line before and after a piece of text in Word, like in this image with the word. Try quitting and restarting your software? Display the Home tab of the ribbon. insert line between words
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