How to hit the jackpot on candy crush

how to hit the jackpot on candy crush

Has anyone ever won the jackpot on the booster wheel spin? Just curious. . Candycrushking. 0 Kudos .. I'm on level 1012 and I have neverrrr hit the jackpot. Has anyone ever won the Jackpot on the Daily Spin?.
I hit the jackpot today! Before I hit it the wheel would slow closer and closer to it to the point that the day before it landed right after the jackpot and before that.
I'm killing time at DS's baseball practice, and it occurred to me that I have never once hit the jackpot on the daily spin wheel. I don't think I know.
It's for sure rigged, the entire game is. The coconut wheel appears on the bring down the ingredients levels. Congrats Juniper, I'm still waiting for it to happen. I spend money. Second, the chance of a Fish is much higher than the representation would suggest. I am sure that it will be vulgar because people with weak minds and low intellect cannot express themselves any other way. Candy Crush SUPER BONUS FRUSTRATION!!! how to hit the jackpot on candy crush
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