Sun and moon together in 12th house

sun and moon together in 12th house

Often, the childhood denial of these planets is very real. A twelfth - house sun may have a father who dies when a child is very young, or a twelfth - house moon.
Twelfth house represents enemies, difficulties and secrets. If Sun is beneficial you can destroy your enemies easily. Nobody can harm you. They will be defeated.
The Sun in the 12th House indicates that consciousness is being opened out by This placement of the Sun is often found with the Moon in one of the houses of is the sum of its parts: people with this combination tend to develop and project.

Sun and moon together in 12th house - hotels

It sounds to me like you are well on your way. We can live through the pitfalls of it, and somehow we come to a place of illumination. Very underground planet distribution with only sun and chiron being above the horizon. Individuals with twelfth house Suns tend to be highly sensitive to the energies around them and consequently need a great deal of privacy. I must say that your comments feel just right to me.
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