So ugly its cute

so ugly its cute

Used to describe a homley, funny looking pet; usually a doggy or pussycat that is so ugly it's actually cute. You tend to feel sorry for this critt.
Get pictures and fun facts about eight animals so ugly they're cute from Nat Geo But its tough scales aren't totally strange—they're made of keratin, the same.
Animals either born bald or have been in selective breeding to be a hairless creature these ugly pets & wild. so ugly its cute

So ugly its cute - sverige

Some examples: Sphynx cats , which have no fur. Check out these cool rides. So cute all naked and wrinkly. Find all posts by Daylate. Up there with "a face only a mother could love", with a bit of the appeal of rooting for the underdog thrown in.
The Definition of slots lv promo Ugly It's Cute". A wombat taking a stroll. Synonymous with "adorable" and unrelated to ugly cute animals ex. Voltaire uses this in his song "Zombie Prostitute" with the line "She was a rotten kind of cute for a zombie prostitute". By using this website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Join NeatoMail, our weekly newsletter.
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