Poker flop texture analysis

poker flop texture analysis

Ed Miller thinks 'wet' and 'dry' aren't the ideal ways to categorize flop textures. Learn what he thinks is better along with examples and +EV lines.
The most important street in Hold'em is the flop. 5/7 of all information is now available and you can make serious approximations of how good your winning.
Far too many players ignore flop texture when playing Texas hold’em. The first thing that should come to mind when thinking about flop texture is whether you’re looking at a dry or a wet board. While further refinements can be made when examining boards, step one is determining.

Poker flop texture analysis - march brackets

How much of your range you can safely fold depends on the quality of your reads. Again, my point is Ignore The Suits! Super High Rollers: A Look At The Tournament Poker Trend That Has Changed The Game. Based on probability alone, chances are your opponent has big cards rather than a pair and if he does, he whiffed on the flop. Static usually refers to a board state in which the player whos ahead now is unlikely to change. So go ahead and c-bet into that dry poker flop texture analysis and watch your opponent fold most of the time. Especially dangerous is a flop with a high pair, as high cards are the most played. Preflop hand reading is a life long skill. Register for free and learn how to play poker! It is when our thinking fails us that we must have a default Ezhuvoam Vaa to fall back on. For me, this skill naturally allows me to find weaknesses in his range on specific flops based on combinations of actions. Flop Texture - Advanced Texas Holdem Concepts poker flop texture analysis
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