Does reel magic work on line twist

does reel magic work on line twist

Walk off 2 casts worth of line and put a stretch into the line. The best is called KVD Line & Lure conditioner besides that, you can use Reel Magic or . Do not continue to reel when the fish is taking line -this will twist it.
I started with Reel Magic but switched to KVD it works better for me and thought it Now I never used sun line and do t use spinning gear much any more but If you are seeing a lot of line twist, check and make sure your bail.
Buy Reel Magic at This fishing line lubricant leaves no odor, is not sticky and does not stain for added convenience. It comes in a 4 oz spray can. This is where REAL MAGIC spray can help. Maybe I haven't used it enough? I got buy in from my finance manager that we can go for the open faced reels. I am old and my line doesn't have a brain so memory is not much of an issue in either situation I never run into that issue since going all Baitcating. I don't use Fluoro on reels, so am not sure how much you can spool game cats cradle that little reel, I know it is thinner than mono, but not as thin as braid.
does reel magic work on line twist

Does reel magic work on line twist - aol

These need to be applied to the line on the spool and allowed to dry for best results, so use them before you leave for the lake. Subscribe to this Thread…. It is a "clean" protectant that lubricates your lines for longer casts and long-lasting performance. If your line starts to loop up around the reel when you try to cast, your line is too stiff or you put too much on the spool. The Most Lobster Ever Caught on Film in Florida! Thin line lies on your reel and do not want to jump off. If you need stronger line than that, get a different reel...

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Reeling against your drag while fighting a fish. Boats - Buy, Sell, Discuss. Visit a good tackle shop to see what's new. Let the rod and line do the work. Remove it and re-assemble. Twisted Colossus POV Six Flags Magic Mountain
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