Pocket screws vs dowels

pocket screws vs dowels

Usefulness of Pocket Screws Frequent commenter and wonderful supporter In terms of the performance of biscuit joining versus pocket screws, here's . I prefer to use a doweling jig and wooden dowels, coupled with glue.
has an article on Testing pocket holes against mortise and tenon and dowel . Also keep in mind that a project using pocket screws does not have to the direction the screws are holding the joint together vs the direction of.
I have used pocket screws in the past when I could get away with it. . I have tried dowels (I have a jig) but had some alignment issues and didn't like them. .. I was trying to click on the link that tests the Pocket Holes vs Wood. Wood Joint Strength Test by Dowelmax Part 1- Pocket Hole Vs. Biscuit Vs. Domino Vs. Multiple Dowel
pocket screws vs dowels
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