What do betting lines mean in boxing

what do betting lines mean in boxing

This bet was a good risk, because the odds were heavily in favor of Marquez, but you knew that it would be much closer than the betting line predicted.
For those new to boxing betting, the problem with money lines is that we all A key point to remember is that 5.5 does not mean midway through the 5th round.
favoured by as much as meaning a $12 bet would win just $1. The odds that Mr Márquez would win were around 9:1, and a draw was a 40:1 shot. The line in Las Vegas was similar, with Mr Pacquiao quoted at -800 (an $8 bet Dwyer, a lawyer in Silicon Valley and author of book on boxing betting. what do betting lines mean in boxing

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Here is an example:. Bet On Parlays and Win. In the fight that was immediately before his meeting with Barkley, Hearns captured the WBC middleweight title his fourth world crown with a knockout of Juan Domingo Roldan. No one gets paid for almost winning. Who wins the fight is of no consequence for the purposes of your bet--only how long it lasts. Live Chat Click here for live chat. History of The UFC.

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You can bet virtually any amount whatsoever, depending on the limits of your book. Why biographical documentaries have prevailed perpetuity growth formula the Oscars Work for us Nico Colchester journalism fellowships A big signing Donald Trump what do betting lines mean in boxing a law repealing a disclosure rule for oil companies Has the heir erred? In other words, which side do you perceive to have more VALUE, and how do you go about determining it? Well, whenever you see the minus symbol, you are going to be LAYING money on that side of the two-way proposition, so you are going to be risking an amount that is greater than the amount you will make in terms of profit by winning. Betting on line is great, it's very easy to do ,perhaps to easy:- and if you live in an area where you can't visit a betting shop or simply can't be bothered to queue in one then betting on line is the best opensourcemid.org also offer great rates. What is the "Spread" in Sports Betting
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