Fugue definition, Music. a polyphonic composition based upon one, two, or more themes, which are enunciated by several voices or parts in turn, subjected to.
The noun fugue describes a psychiatric disorder that involves memory loss and travel. If you wake up in New Jersey and can't remember how you got there, one.
Borrowing from French fugue, from Italian fuga (“flight, ardor”), from Latin fuga (“act of fleeing”), from fugere (“to flee”); compare Ancient Greek φυγή (phugḗ). Radically Fugue Cloud Operations. You'll understand, in depth, the interactions between Ludwig code, the CLI, the Conductor, and Vars, Fugue's distributed variable and service discovery tool. Word Origin and History for fugue Expand. Learn a new word every day. The fugal roulette playset is experienced in discovery of the new to be of the stame "stuff" as the old. Lookups spiked after the president said he found a question about rising incidents Fugue anti-Semitism 'very insulting'.

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The House that Jill Built. Fugue makes it so and makes sure it remains so. Get Word of the Day daily email! Delivered to your inbox! Confessions of a Pill Head. Sign in with Facebook. Bach, "Little" Fugue (G minor, BWV 578)

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It is in fact a real word but that doesn't mean you should use it. Is it 'I Could Care Less' or 'I Couldn't Care Less'? British Dictionary definitions for fugue Expand. Add your default account ID below. Name Account Id Provider Provider Id Credential. Fugue
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