Double becket

Double becket

A becket hitch, including the double becket or figure-of-eight becket hitch, is any hitch that is made on an eye loop, i.e. on a becket. A becket hitch has the same  Typical use ‎: ‎A hitch made on an eye loop.
Step 2: Pull a bight of rope from between the two anchors and bring it close to the Bowline knot, then use the long tail to tie a double Becket.
Double Sheet Bend: When the ropes are markedly different in size, the tail of the smaller rope can be taken twice round the bight in the larger rope to create the. How to Tie a Sheet Bend, Slipped Sheet Bend and Double Sheet Bend - ITS Knot of the Week HD

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List of knot terminology. According to a Seaman's use of the term knot, the. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Pass the thinner rope red through the bight and behind the blue tail and standing ends in that order. However, it is a "Hitch": it does not join two ropes, it attaches a rope to a Becket a rope handle or an eye.
Double becket

Double becket - online

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