Wheel play left to right

wheel play left to right

when i have my car off the ground, i can move my front wheel side to side if you feel some play while turning the wheel left to right id go with.
usually it's a ball joint. if you can grab the bottom of the wheel and pull upward and it kinda "clicks" it's a ball joint, if you can shake left - right (as if.
Nothing in the car's handling has changed suddenly, but it seems to have a mild pull to the left that I have to occasionally steer to the right by. How to steer and how to grip the steering wheel

Wheel play left to right - downloads

My friends truck used to shake real bad on the highway until we changed the tie rods and idler arm. They are the best for alignments, and diagnosing problems like this. BMW Parts Wanted sponsored by Bavarian Auto Recycling. We all help one another on this forum. So, what are the numbers that your truck is now aligned to, what make, model and size tires are you running, and what condition are they in?
Grasp the tie rod while yanking on the wheel and feel for any thumping. Which sort of suck, because they are somewhat of a PIA to replace. Are you hearing any growling when you're rolling? Check torque on axle nut if loose could be the opensourcemid.org I would probably replace it. It does hum .
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