Top new android phones 2013

top new android phones 2013

So it's time to take a fresh look at things as 2013 draws to a close. We talk about “solid” phones, and the Moto X really does meet that definition better The new Nexus smartphone from LG and Google isn't the best Android.
Top 5 Android Phones of 2013 . all-metal body, it set a standard for 2013 smartphones that seemed to have raised the game to a new level.
5 Best Android Phones Of 2013 10 Best Android Apps Of 2013 It also pushed the boundaries with new features, such as automatically. Some might not like the faux leather back, but you can peel that off and swap it out: as well as access the internals to expand the storage or change the battery. There's plenty top new android phones 2013 power and an impressive Full HD display, meaning that despite having something that's resistant to the elements, it won't cause a huge bulge in your pocket. We like LG's take on a phone, we think it has thoughtfully and successfully made a handset that does everything we want, without overloading us with features we don't need. Enterprises: Tear Down Your Engineering Silos. What sold me was the Boom Speakers, the endless gap design, Blink Feed, and Zoe. Bias doesn't matter when I am being factual. top new android phones 2013