Great wild goose pagoda at cien temple

great wild goose pagoda at cien temple

Big Wild Goose Pagoda or Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is located in Ci'en temple in the southern province of Xian city. The construction of the Big Wild Goose.
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayan Pagoda), located inside the Da Ci'en Temple, used to be the place to collect Buddhist sutras taken from India by the hierarch.
Actually, the formal name of the pagoda is Ci'en Temple Pagoda, but since the temple Big Wild Goose Pagoda was first built in 652 in the Tang Dynasty. great wild goose pagoda at cien temple Big Wild Goose Pagota at Xian, China

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Log in or sign up to save resources. In the past, those who had passed the imperial examinations to become officials went there to inscribe their names on the pagoda, the ambition of every young official. We may aggregate personal information from all of our users and provide that information in the aggregate to other parties, including advertisers, for marketing and promotional purposes. Without written authorization from CDIC, such content shall not be republished or used in any form. If you reach our site through one of our partners whether or not you have registered with our partner , and you choose to register with us, we may be required to give our partner some or all of your registration information.
Situated in Da Ci'en Great Kindness and Grace Egypt faction rome total war, about four kilometers from the urban center, Big Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the most famous Buddhist pagodas in China. The stupa was originally a hemispherical mound, meant to be worshipped by circumambulation great wild goose pagoda at cien temple a clockwise direction. It was constructed with square brick so it looks like a square cone and the spiraling stairs brings extravagant beauty for the visitors in viewing the Xian city from the seven stories building. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Contact Us. Big Wild Goose Pagoda, AKA Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. We may store all or some of that information in a cookie file on your hard drive, so that our system will recognize you each time you visit our site.
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